European Digital Network for Young Entrepreneurs

JEUNE NETWORK is an European Digital Network that aims to help Young Entrepreneurs to connect, build and promote their businesses and projects. The Network will help to discover people and markets as well as to connect and support the digital transformation of their businesses and professional activity. We're in beta, registrations will open soon!


Why Join?

Jobs & Ecomomic Growth
We foster to increase the innovation in order to create more added value and greater growth in Europe. Our network engages people in business activites and opens new opportunities.
Our network helps a young generation of entrepreneurs to connect and coolaborate in new projects. We foster the entrepreneurship spirit of the EU leaders of tomorrow.
Social Justice & Environment
Europe needs high impact solutions for todays and tomorow's problems. We need projects that are both environment sustainable and socially responsible.

JEUNE Network

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JEUNE NETWORK is an initiative of JEUNE – Young Entrepreneurs organization of the European Union
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